8 Quality Tips to Help You With Copywriting

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8 Tips To Help You With Copywriting

Your customers have so many different options available to them online if your website does not tick certain boxes that reassure them and make them feel like this is a business that can effectively provide the solution they want, they will leave and go to another website that does.

  1. The copy on a website is the writing all the way through and should be capturing your customers, so they want to read more. There should be an uncomplicated sales process as you aim to either get a sale or a potential customer to subscribe. Telling a story is essential rather than making just an offer.

You should be giving constant reassurance to your customer that they are making the right choice.

  1.  Keeping everything simple is important, everyone has a different attention span so remember you are targeting different personalities with varied needs. Little words are quicker to understand than big ones. You can quickly put your potential customer off with big words because they may think you are trying to impress them.

My husband’s suggestion is a good one  KISS- Keep it Simple Stupid


The more simple, the better, you should think about targeting the 10-12 year age group. Research shows that when reading fast as we do on a website, this is the kind of age you should be targeting.

  1. The best copy on a website is the simple approach short words, and sentences with short paragraphs.
  2. Don’t let complicated business talk take over because all you are doing is making your content difficult for any potential customer to understand and showing you are less smart than your competitors.
  3. There are lots of different formulas for Website or Content Copy it is important you stick to one because if you get confused your customer will be!
  4. Your copy should be less about your business as this always puts the potential customer off. They aren’t too interested in you, and how amazing you are they want a good reliable solution to their problem and someone that they can know like and trust.
  5. Always read your copy out loud so your brain will concentrate more and you will be able to spot more mistakes. If you, trip up when reading it may be that your words are too complicated.
  6. Always Read your competitors websites, how has their copy been written? Read articles around your business so you can write interesting articles or blogs. Update your website content regularly, so it is not out of date and stale.