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Hello! We are Jill and Laura and we are the owners of J-Lau Associates 🙂 We started up in 2016 and are a family run business based in Gloucestershire and Cheshire. J-Lau Associates was born after we both completed a course in Buyer Psychology. It made us both realise that even with the best technology, if you don’t understand what your customer wants and if you don’t have a solution to their problem they will simply look else where. We realise that this sounds like a very simple approach however we noticed (with lots of frustration) that lots of business owners were missing this from their websites. We are here to spread the word that your website is your shop window and if a visitor doesn’t make contact with you, they are likely to have taken their business to one of your competitors. 

Our combined experience in Sales, Marketing , Coaching and Mentoring has helped businesses grow and has enabled us to structure our business offering affordable packages from our Website Assessment to Copy Writing and Website Design.

Get in touch with us to find out which package is best suited to your Business. 

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Full Website Assessment
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With my passion and experience I can give you a better understanding of how to improve your website and generate more leads. I want you to gain more confidence so you can learn what common mistakes you are making and can take action yourself based on the findings. For me, it is not about you being spoon fed but using what you are given as a learning tool and taking it forward so you can re use it many times in the future. You have free access to contact me with any queries you have.


My Coaching background means I get the most joy and satisfaction when I am working with my client to get them to the level they want be at, with lots of learning and achieving on the way. I want my customers to feel that they can learn how to add value to their own website over time with confidence. Offering the Website Critique, Design and Lead Generation is just part of my service, it is the bespoke personal service I want to deliver constantly so you will get value and enjoy the whole experience.

About Us

Website Critique and Lead Generation

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