Are You Getting The Most From Your Website?

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Are You Getting The Most From Your Website?

Many Business Owners tend to start off with the best intentions when it comes to Marketing their own Website. However, both time and money tend to get in the way. It is important to remember that your Website is your shop window! Here are a few tips to enable you to get the most out of your Website or it maybe time for a re-vamp. 

1. Can your potential customer tell within seconds and without scrolling down the page what your Website is about?

Research shows that you have 7 seconds to get your customers attention. If your Website does not make it clear immediately, without your customer having to scroll down the page, to see what your Website is about and why it will benefit them, you will lose them straight away. Many Websites have giant images at the top and they will use valuable space and often they don’t communicate anything. 


A headline should be at the top of your website underneath your company logo and header image.As a business owner you should create a powerful, benefit driven headline that communicates you can solve your customers problems effectively.

 2. Does your Website focus on the main purpose of the site?

Call to Action

Is it trying to get your potential customer to buy a product, fill out a form to inquire, call a phone number, download a free guide, or is it scattered and offers to many options making it confusing for your customer. The sales process for a Website should be obvious. If there are too many different options and too may routes for your customer to go down, it can confuse them, and they will leave your Website. You should be trying to get your customer to contact you in some way, either by filling in an enquiry form or ringing up. You don’t need to have lots of different pages or paths your customer has to go down. 


As a business owner you should ensure the entire site is designed to take your customer down anobvious path towards a specific response that you want them to do. A good tip is to ask a friend or a customer if they understand what you want from your Website. 

3. What is underneath your headline?

You should have at least 600-1000 words known a copy to help your potential customer to understand your business. We see too many Websites that are all about the business–when really your customer only care about what the business can do for them! Your web copy should be customer focused and how your customer is thinking when they are searching for a solution and what they want. Not just talking about how long the company has been in business and where you are located etc. 


As a business owner you should be showing you understand your customer and in 600–1000 words either you or a copy writer need to show the customer that you can establish who the business is,that you understand the prospects pain points and what solutions and benefits you can offer and why they should chose you over your competition.