Should i use WordPress or a custom coded website?

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Should i use WordPress or a custom coded website?

There are various responses to this question and it depends upon your project specs, timelines and the allocated budget.

If budget allows and you are serious about making your site unique and want to avoid the possibility that someone else might be using the same WordPress template, then consider building a custom site.

However, you can use WordPress as a CMS tool to build a custom site. Just because you are using WordPress, it does not mean you have to use a pre-made WordPress template. We have designed and built many sites using WordPress as the platform and each site is not built using any templates.

WordPress will excel both in your initial phase, saving time and costs for building a decent solution, and your growth scaling. Some of the largest websites are built on WordPress.

 I would therefore go for WordPress initially.
– A custom website will delay your launch plans considering all factors.
— WordPress can be used to meet your requirements from day 1.

A key factor that may also come into play, and one of the more important ones to consider at this juncture, is who will be updating the site on an ongoing basis and how much experience do they have doing so?  If you are planning to post your articles directly, it would most likely make sense to use WordPress. If you know a bit more than the average person about simple html and css coding, then a custom site might be in order.