What Our Customers Are Saying About Us ..

"I had made the decision to develop a new website for my business PA Today. My business has grown and the old website no longer represented the business we have become. It seemed sensible to firstly review our old website to understand what should be considered in the the development of the new one. I contracted J- Lau Associates to complete such a review. Jill and Laura put my website through their critique process, and compiled a report which explained What needed to improve and how. Through the development of our new website , I kept their report to hand and have referred to it constantly. The new site is now launched and J-Lau Associates did a further follow – up review to ensure that I didn’t miss anything out. I would highly recommend any business owner developing a new website to consider putting their old website through J- Lau Associates critique process first"
Pam Allen
PA Today, Nantwich
"I first met Jill when she came along to the New Business Network some months ago and spoke about her company which offered a review of websites. Jill listened to the plans for our website and understood that we were looking for a simple message to ensure that interested people were guided through the website to book the next event. The review was comprehensive taking account of how the website might work now & in the future as the business grows, it was interesting to hear how websites can often miss a trick in failing to approach the customers needs, concentrating on what was bing offered. I found the process interesting, & productive, the report was informative, without being technical, and gave several pointers for potential improvement. It was comprehensive and gave examples of potential improvements. It may be sometime since you have had your website designed, you may have not reviewed it at all in that time, and in those circumstances the report would be immensely valuable to gain a perspective of how your business is seen by potential customers. I would recommend Jill and J-Lau Associates take a look as you might be surprised by the outcome."
Sue Roberts, Crewe
New Business Network
"Amazing thank you so much will definitely look into all of this. I have now made some changes and I can see straight away that people looking on my website will be more interested and want to come to my classes. A very professional document."
Madison Yoga, Congleton
"Jill sent me the diagnostic tool for my website. She also called and went through the many reasons why customers are ignoring my website and therefore losing me business. It made me realise to move forward and get more customers interested I need to go back to basics and get a new Website that customers will find exciting and easy to follow."
Katie Bell
Angel Beauty, Sandbach
"I was really impressed with the website diagnostic I received as it was so accessible, comprehensive and made a lot of sense. They had clearly done a lot of research and had highlighted aspects of my website that I hadn't even considered. I'm really grateful for the diagnostic and can't wait to get started on implementing the changes."
Maya Hypnotherapy, Bristol
"After meeting with Jill and gaining an understanding of the service that J-Lau Associates provide, I decided to ask her to do a critique of my website and recommend improvements. Although I maintain the site myself, I was of the belief that it was a good website. How wrong could I have been! Jill and Laura completed the analysis very quickly and we arranged to meet to discuss her findings. I was presented with a comprehensive twenty - two page report, detailing every area where improvements had been identified. Jill spent an hour going through the report with me in detail, along with screenshots , examples and links to other websites. By the end of the meeting not only did I have to admit to myself that my website was from perfect , but I had a clear plan of what needed addressing and how to go about resolving the issues and making the necessary improvements. This was a highly valuable exercise, which I’m very glad that I undertook. I have already started to implement some of the improvements and am delighted with the results so far. I would highly recommend J-Lau Associates to anyone looking to maximise the impact their website and increase business generated. Thanks Jill and Laura"
Nigel Keegan
Right Minds Hypnotherapy, Nantwich