Tips For Lead Openings

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Jills lead opening tips

Your Tips For Lead Openings

We talk about know like and trust when networking and getting to know new or potential clients.

It is just as essential to develop the same relationship with your clients on your website.

So how can you do this?

Once you have a strong headline on the homepage, which shows your potential client that you can help them and they can do business with you over your competition, you still need to keep their attention.

The next copywriting they will see on the website is directly underneath the headline/banner.

This information is essential to keep the attention of your potential client.


This is the lead opening and should be written in such a way that your potential client knows you understand them.

It should close the exit gate in the decision-making process.

This lead opening is designed to demonstrate that you totally understand your potential client’s problem.

What’s the solution?

The better you know your client and understand their problem the better this will be!

Always ask your clients questions that will help you come up with effective lead openings by asking them questions such as these:

What concerns do your customers usually have in the industry?

What negative emotions do your customers feel?

What positive emotions do your customers feel?

What techniques, systems, or strategies does this business use?

What makes them different from their competition?

Using these questions you can come up with a solid lead opening.